Spiders are classified as arachnids. This is different than the rest of your usual pests and they have different habits. Spiders hunt insects and kill them by injecting a poisonous venom. This venom is not always lethal but it still can be a major health concern. A spider bite is also very painful. Traditional methods of spider control don’t often work because spiders act so differently. Most insects groom themselves, spiders don’t. They also avoid direct contact with the surface of objects also making it harder. Spider control sprays only work with direct contact. The solution for most companies is to destroy the food source, which only works some of the time.

Bulwark Exterminating is your exterminator for all of your spider control problems. We serve cities throughout the country. Our method is specific to attack the spiders living within the boundaries of your home. Unlike some other pest control companies Bulwark has a goal to completely rid your home of the spider problem. This is done by creating a Bulwark around your home. A bulwark is a barrier, this barrier prevents unwanted visitors, including spiders from entering the home.


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